Antique Industrial Series Marine small deskset of clock, barometer and thermometer within an anchor.

Antique Industrial Series Marine small deskset of clock, barometer and thermometer within an anchor.
A very rare antique Industrial Series Marine deskset or compendium of clock, barometer and thermometer within an anchor and of small size.. Set upon an ormolu and rouge marble rectangular base the working parts are set within a robust silvered bronze anchor. The working pieces set within two circular and ribbed barrels that sit in the flukes of the anchor. On the left is a fine 8 day clock with a perfectwhite enamel dial with Roman hour numerals in black and 5 minutes seperated minute numerals. The hands are original and of blued steel. The movement can be seen from the back and is of very high quality with a superb lever escapement. On the right is an Aneroid barometer functioning beautifully. The again, perfect white enamel dial, gives the barometric pressure in inches. It also marks out the various weather sectors from "Stormy" through "Change" to "Very Dry". All set out in English indicating that this was if not made in England then certainly made for the English market. It has identical hands to the clock to its left, as one or more of these are often lost or damaged it is another indication of the originality of this piece and of it being looked after. To the reverse of the barometer is the mercury thermometer, with an engraved silver dial, beautifully laid out and functioning perfectly. All four glasses are bevelled which indicates that they are all original and a sign of high quality. On balance I would think, from the construction of the movement and the dialwork, this piece is English rather than French, making it a rare piece. The fact that there is no stamp on the movement indicating its origin it would appear that this piece was made prior to the 1890's when origin stamps became compulsory. So probably English circa 1880. Original dials, glasses, hands ormolu and silvering to the bronze. 8 inches high by 7 inches wide by 4 inches deep ( 20 cm by 17.5 cm by 10 cm).

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